Synonyms for StokedUp
/stəʊkt/ verb ‘give energy to’
Fill up, incite, fuel, service, charge, supply, feed

StokedUp’s mindset has an automotive focus, as does the individual behind it. Adam Tait has over a decade of experience in automotive journalism and public relations.


StokedUp handles the entire film process in-house. This begins with verbal ideas that later define a brief, to filming on location, before delivering a bespoke edit.



To compliment an automotive film, photography can also be supplied to support advertising, editorial or a blog.


StokedUp was born from an obsession with anything that uses the internal combustion process, and the individual behind it has spent a lifetime around vehicles.

Adam Tait’s family background is within the automotive industry, and cars soon became his passion, which later turned into a career supplying automotive content.

Having spent a decade within motoring journalism, Adam progressed to the editor of a specialist BMW title before moving to an automotive public relations agency. Here he gained experience from a fresh corner of the industry.

Throughout this time a camera has been vital: to illustrate editorial pieces, or to showcase a company, event or vehicle in film. Drawing on this industry experience, StokedUp was formed to supply high quality automotive film and photography.

After hours Adam might be found in the workshop building, or at a race circuit driving. This has taken him to the Le Mans Classic where he competed in Plateau 4.

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